eCigarette Leaflet Printers

AP Printers produce in excess of 1-2 million ecigarette leaflet inserts every month, for a number of ecigarette Manufacturers, which go inside the 10ml packs.

Vapouriz Nicotine produce in excess of 1.5 million each month, varying from 10,000 to 500,000+ per order.

Zeus Juice order once a year. Last year AD eCigarette Leaflet Printers produced 1 order for 1,000,000 generic leaflets, which increased to 1.5 million for 2019

We also produce shorter Runs for new Businesses, for example: Pharma UK was only a 1000 print run to test new equipment, prior to much large order.

eCigarette Leaflet Printing size 120mm x 120mm, folded to 120mm x 20mm to become a 12pp, with fold in grain, to ensure smooth finish. Generally they are printed on a 60gsm Soroset lightweight paper.

Ecigarette Leaflet clients include:

  • Vapouriz
  • Zeus Juice
  • Fogg Father
  • Vapor Chef
  • Vape DODo
  • Stylex Cloud
  • Liquerice Fruits
  • Ibiza Club
  • The Coffee House
  • PharmaUK

Ranging from Min order 10,000 copies to in excess of 1.5million per order.